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Objects of My Affection: Floral Scarves

No matter what part of the world I’m in, Spring is by far my favorite season of the year. The temperature is always just right and every now and again, you’ll get a sprinkle or two of rain just in time to make the outdoors bright, beautiful and colorful. Which might explain my current obsession with floral scarves. I figure since April showers bring May flowers, I might as well look the part while being prepared for the rain.  And with May just around the corner, what better time to whip out the floral scarves than now? So here’s a quick list of my top picks.

1. Three Bird Nest 2. Matthew Williamson 3. Oscar de la Renta 4. Swash 5. Betsey Johnson 6. Digi 7. Stella McCartney 8. Marc Jacobs 9. Betsey Johnson