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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms are so important in the world and they do so much each and everyday. If you ask me, I think they should be celebrated year round. So with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite gifts for my own mom and all the special motherly figures in my life.

  1. Sometimes the nicest gifts aren’t gifts at all. But rather words from the heart on a pretty little pink and gilded gold card.
  2. Since Mom’s do so much for everyone else, encourage her to take some time for herself and relax with a luxurious bubble bath, candles and all.
  3. These floral mosaic loungers will make any woman feel stylish even when she’s just getting comfortable at home.
  4. As kids, we’ve all been caught with our hands in the cookie jar, now it’s Mom’s turn with this adorable porcelain Gnome jar.
  5. Show her how much she’s impacted your life by inserting a personal page about her inside this book of wise women.
  6. This Neapolitan coffee maker will turn her early morning pick me up into an Italian morning ritual.
  7. If you can’t afford to send her off to Paris just yet, bring Paris to her with my personal favorite, French Macarons. Bake them yourself or order them online at a few of my favorite local and international patisseries: [Ladurée (Paris), Pierre Hermé (Paris), Duverger (The States), Sparkles Macaron (California)]
  8. For the lady who loves to entertain, these beautiful Moroccan styled tea glasses will make any drink classy.
  9. Splurge on her with this 18k gold ‘mom’ charm and pink quartz necklace from my jewelry line, Mei Elizabeth, that shows her exactly who she is to you. Add a personal touch and customize it with her birthstone or that of you and your siblings.
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Objects of My Affection: Floral Scarves

No matter what part of the world I’m in, Spring is by far my favorite season of the year. The temperature is always just right and every now and again, you’ll get a sprinkle or two of rain just in time to make the outdoors bright, beautiful and colorful. Which might explain my current obsession with floral scarves. I figure since April showers bring May flowers, I might as well look the part while being prepared for the rain.  And with May just around the corner, what better time to whip out the floral scarves than now? So here’s a quick list of my top picks.

1. Three Bird Nest 2. Matthew Williamson 3. Oscar de la Renta 4. Swash 5. Betsey Johnson 6. Digi 7. Stella McCartney 8. Marc Jacobs 9. Betsey Johnson

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Lovely Little Links

  1. Put that wedding dress (or bridesmaid dress, prom dress, etc.) to good use and add a little drama to your wardrobe without looking crazy by dressing it down with denim and cowboy boots. (
  2. Killing the Monday blues with baby animal cuteness overload. (
  3. Who said only punk rockers and My Little Ponies could have rainbow colored hair? (
  4. Bubbly and refreshing Citrusy Champagne Sangria makes for a fabulous time (
  5. Fashion illustrations by Hayden Williams that are so good, they may be better than the real thing (
  6. Tiny tasteful tattoos that inspire (
  7. Cateye and camo Oliver Peoples sunglasses = a little sass with a side of trouble (
  8. Maria Menounos and her dramatic structured ethereal gown rocked the GLAAD awards last night (
  9. Live green on Earth Day and everyday with these awesome ecofriendly tips (

Sherri Baby: I’m glad you packed well

A friend of mine passed away recently. It was in her sleep. Sudden. Unexpected. She was but a few weeks shy of her twenty ninth birthday.

A life lost too soon? Yes.

A life wasted? No.

You see, she was a funny and loyal one, Sherri was. It wasn’t uncommon to find her playing guitar dressed up as a giant felt deviled egg on the beach, driving hours up and down PCH in the middle of the night looking for her best friend’s favorite $2 thrift store hoodie, or decked out in armor and blue facepaint at Medieval Times. And up until the day she passed, it also wasn’t uncommon to find her driving 80 miles a day to the hospital to look after her mother who was dying of cancer; driving 80 miles a day to take care of her elderly father who was losing his wife, and unbeknownst to him, about to lose his daughter, as well.

At the memorial service, although her loved ones were mourning their loss for having lost her, they were also celebrating her exuberant, larger-than-life personality and her extremely brightly concentrated, over-the-top life that overflowed with joy, laughter and sheer honesty.

And it was this honesty that made me realize that no matter where any of us are headed, we will all ultimately arrive at the same destination; the end of our physical time here on Earth. Unlike what most people think, death isn’t a sentence. It’s just a given; an inevitable part of life. However, what isn’t is the path each one of us chooses to take in the meantime until we get there, and what we decide to bring with us to help, or in some cases, impede us on our journey.

Some will choose to lug around baggage that is overstuffed with bitches, assholes and jerks. Naysayers, negative-Nancy’s and Debbie-downer’s. Over-dwelled upon regrets and self-critical litanies that weigh them down, slow them down, and ultimately bring them down. Others will simply shed themselves of the excess they don’t need, pack lightly, bypass the check-in lines, and opt to only carry-on the essentials: an internal compass of peace, love, hope, self-trust and an open mind. And in the case of an emergency, these brave and savvy voyagers will have their backs strapped with the well-wishes, love and support of their loved ones that will help glide them to safety if or when they fall.

Because at the end of the day this life is finite and it is up to us to make it count in our own books. It is our responsibility to find the beat of our own drum and march to it, from cradle to grave…from departure to arrival. I know Sherri did.