Monthly Archives: October 2010

Social Scene: Alpine Village Oktoberfest

Sometimes living in a sunny city covered in year round green palm trees, like LA, makes it difficult to realize what season you’re actually in.  So for me, when October rolls around, I always welcome it with open arms because the orange, yellow and black décor that pervades every supermarket, pumpkin patch, front yard, classroom and office always reminds me that Halloween and the holiday season are just around the corner.  However, the one holiday that most people from the States may overlook is the one that really isn’t a holiday at all. It’s actually a 16 day Bavarian festival that, like Halloween, allows you to be hedonistic before you have to be holy. It’s jam packed full of women in pig tails and short poofy skirts, grown men in suspenders and lederhosens, polka and oompah music, tons of bratwurst and most importantly, lots and lots and lots of beer. There is so much fermented wheat here that it makes a fraternity keger look like a tea party. Oktoberfest, in every sense of the word, is the ultimate sausage fest.

So being the fortunate city that we are, we too have our very own Oktoberfest. In fact, through October 23rd, the Alpine Village in Torrance hosts the largest Oktoberfest in all of Southern California. So be sure to grab a friend and your stein and head over to the coast to get your Ziggy Ziggy Oy Oy Oy on!

Social Scene: Hollywood Edition – Thrillist’s Best of the Best Food Truck Rally

I’m not one to subscribe to too many newsletters but I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Thrillist’s witty and all too sarcastic blurbs about their hidden finds of up and coming designers, web apps, restaurants and bars in the LA area. They have an eye for picking out the most well designed pieces of functional art by talented local artists, a nose for sniffing out the hottest bars and breakthrough restaurants in town, and a knack for scouring the city for the most exclusive events that you get to attend just for being a Thrillist reader. So when I received the newsletter that announced that they were holding a Best of the Best Food Truck Rally in Hollywood with donations going to Meals on Wheels, even thought it was free, I was…well…sold!